A third-generation female entrepreneur and North Carolina native, Danielle is the visionary behind the Magnolia Bluebird brand. Though she began her formal education in architectural design at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Danielle quickly found a knack for business and serving others through hospitality and events.  

Since then, Danielle has leveraged two decades of experience in the off-premise catering, consulting, speaking and planning and design industries, quickly earning her a reputation as a top creative and event producer. Ultimately, it is the spirit of hospitality that drives her to push the envelope for transformative design, to ask the hard questions, to achieve unparalleled results and to truly seek and find joy with and for her clients. 

She believes in high-touch experiences and felt return. Her thoughtful, strategic approach continues to create high audience engagement and an even greater ROI for her corporate and non-profit clients. In the social arena, she is the mind behind some of the most creative and exceptional weddings, milestone celebrations and Bar/Bat/B Mitzvah’s in the country. She delights in working with families to bring seemingly wild ideas to life. In addition to her clients, she draws inspiration from travel, interiors, architecture, graphic and retail design and a love for a big, bold, statement installation.

“I find a lot of joy in creating for multiple generations and seeing life through the lens of an 11 or 12 year old. There is a lot of magic in transforming that perspective into the truly unimaginable.” As for weddings, “It's the moment when our couples lock eyes from the ends of the aisle. It’s a moment of pure truth and love.”

Above all, Danielle instills a sense of calm and gracious hospitality into each event, ensuring it’s always comfortable, cohesive and never contrived. She believes in forming a thoughtful relationship with each client and vendor partner to create a cohesive team and truly transformational celebration.

LOVES + Accolades >

“Everything simply runs more smoothly when you have a mutual care and kindness within your team.” 

LOVES + Accolades >

2022 Designer | The Knot Gala 

Top 500 Event Designers in the US | BizBash 

Top 50 Most Dynamic Women in DC | Modern Luxury 

Top Event Planner in the US | Party Slate

Top Wedding Planner/ Washingtonian Weddings for 2017-2023

Meeting Planners to Watch 2022 / Convention South 

Top 100 MWBE (Minority and Women in Business Entrepreneur)

‘30 Under 40' Event Professional Worth Watching / Special Events Magazine


About Danielle >


Bourbon. Champagne. Coffee. 

Happy Place

In the garden or the gym


Sushi, Mexican, or a homegrown tomato sammich over the sink 

Fun Fact

I was named after Jack Daniels (true story…) 

Love Language

 Acts of Service 


A red lip. A white t-shirt or button down. Jeans. Black leather jacket. Leopard Print.  

“Trust the Process” 

About Danielle >


Danielle Couick


It takes a highly organized, analytical mind to manage the operations for the MB brand portfolio, something Vicky handles with ease thanks to her business and engineering degrees. Coupled with nearly a decade of experience managing global engineering and construction projects and having owned an award-winning event planning firm of her own since 2004, Vicky brings the necessary understanding of the creative and detailed approach that Magnolia Bluebird is known for. It is this combination of her logistical mindset and detailed creativity that drives results for MB. 

Fluent in both English and Cantonese Chinese, Vicky was born in Hong Kong and raised in New York. Attending college in Pennsylvania and at George Washington University kept her moving South and she now resides in Arlington, VA with her husband and two rescue cats. When she isn’t thriving in logistics, she is practicing her plié or downward dog to clear her mind and keep her body moving. 

Operations + Special Projects

Vicky Choy

We rely on a beautiful collection of inclusive, smart, driven, passionate and detail oriented humans that work tirelessly onsite and behind the scenes to manage the myriad of moving parts that make an MB event so seamless.

Each team member receives hands-on training to ensure a consistent and detailed guest experience.


We are nothing without our extended team!

Thoughtful Design. Gracious Hospitality. Exceptional Events.

“Magnolia Bluebird?”
IS MORE OF A “who” THAN A “what.”

Ultimately, it is a moniker describing a way of living, celebrating and being. 


Sun-filled afternoons were spent pondering the line “If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh why can’t I?” Danielle’s mother Nancy, a realtor turned professional artist, spent her time squeezing in craft fairs between open houses and property tours for nearly two decades. Now a retired award-winning watercolor artist and gallery owner she no longer travels internationally but teaches her craft weekly in Charlotte, NC. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Danielle has always been in pursuit of creating a life doing what she loves most. The bluebird is a symbolic way of reminding us to dream bigger than we ever think possible, both for ourselves and our clients.


Danielle’s grandmother Edith, was a true hostess and would often entertain gatherings of two to 100 in her home. She had a way of making you feel as if you were the only person in the room during a conversation – she was always present. She had a twinkle in her eye that always made you think she was up to something (which she usually was). Her prized Magnolia tree often became the provider of the decor for these events. Those dark green and tobacco suede leaves and pristine white blooms are a forever reminder that entertaining should be gracious and giving and design should appeal to your way of life. Never too contrived and always comfortable. 

A third-generation female entrepreneur from North Carolina. Danielle was taught to believe in focus and hard work, real butter, gracious entertaining and laughter as medicine for the soul.

It is within the spirit of these life lessons that Magnolia Bluebird was born.




To simplify life and create joy by bringing reverence, purpose and intention to everyday moments and milestones through innovation, strategy, visual and experiential storytelling and human connection. 

Our Vision

To provide a tailored first-in-class experience through our corporate, social and lifestyle event and design brands. We aim to be a household name synonymous with thoughtful design, gracious hospitality, and exceptional events.

Our Mission

We strive to connect with those that are as diverse and inclusive as we are; that thrive in grace, kindness, humor and perspective and that understand the true spirit of hospitality and the power of gathering and human connection.

Our People

Strategy, while rooted in facts and metrics (which we love!) also requires bold ideas, empowered decision making and courageous perspective. Creativity isn’t a science and lives in the dreams beyond the realm of seeming possibility. We are not in the business of playing it safe. We are in the business of people, connection, purpose and creating possibility. We are a team of experienced, diverse, and passionate individuals that is committed to consistent excellence for you and with you.

Who We Are

Serve from a place of kindness, care, inclusivity and respect

Stay curious + challenge status quo

Deliver fair, consistent and tailored service

Elevate and empower each other, our clients, our industry, peers and partners

Do the right thing, even when it is hard, even when no one is looking 

Deliver excellence in everything we do

Treat each other with grace and empathy

BE accountable for our actions, decisions and promises 

Believe in magic

Spread joy

We set boundaries so that we can thrive 

Our Values