The Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights 

The Portrait Gallery,
Washington, DC




To create a dynamic, inclusive and diverse cocktail gala-style experience representing the organizations 200+ members, to highlight several of their initiatives in engaging, thought-provoking and interactive ways, and to introduce their new Executive Director. 

Event Goals:

We incorporated the brands strong color story throughout in the lighting and décor and punctuated their keywords of HOPE, POWER and CHANGE throughout the Portrait Gallery.

Brand Messaging:

We designed several activations that brought clear attention to several initiatives including a phone booth that allowed guests to hear stories surrounding prison reform and the #phonejusticeact.

A branded projection booth that transformed each guests into a powerful initiative poster child for voting rights using their key phrases and color story.

Lastly, we designed a wall with over 200 QR codes linking to each of the members so that attendees could learn and engage directly with other organizations. All elements had a digital and social connection to encourage sharing and engagement.

Innovative Activations:

Partnering with Grape Intentions allowed us to curate a wine portfolio offering selections created by a BIPOC or other marginalized winemaker. Signage included details so guests could seek out the selections afterward.

Wine Program:

We designed an incredible team that included BIPOC, women-owned, LGBTQ+, and formerly incarcerated vendor partners to produce this event.

Vendor Selection:

Working with our compliance officer to ensure that we were not only meeting ADA compliance but also designing collateral and content that was user friendly for all of our attendees. An ASL interpreter signed the program and music throughout the evening. All activations were designed at ground level for accessibility and we ensured we had space for prayer, new parents and quiet spaces for those with sensory challenges. 


Social Responsibility: