Dinner Party Series + Top 5 Hosting Tips For 2024

November 22, 2023

How does one introduce a beautiful new studio space and a three-years-long rebrand? With a dinner party of course! In our case… seven. Seven dinner parties. When Roses Restaurant Group reached out to introduce their new brand Roses at Home the wheels started turning. They focus on exceptional service (and have they delivered!) and showcasing the “best of’s” from their Michelin starred restaurants (Roses Luxury, Pineapple and Pearls and Little Pearl). We knew we wanted partners that aligned with our vision. Our clients deserve the best, an experience. Thus our dinner party series was born. 

I have to admit, I am sad that it has ended and not just for the incredible culinary experience but for the soul filling and belly filling laughs, stories and memories shared around the table. It is truly our why. I wanted an excuse to reconnect with my clients and our incredible vendor partners. I let Serendipity do its’ thing and She did not disappoint. It gave us an opportunity to bridge the gaps in connection created by the pandemic. It allowed us to invite folks into our professional home and let our hair down a bit (jk, my hair is always in a top knot- but you get the point). We fell in love with the Roses team. Christine, Xavier, Stephen, Chef Tony, Jesus showed up every week and to say each week only got better is an understatement. We love them, their spirit, the intention for which they showed up. 

We try to root everything we do with intention. Here is a short list that we engaged for our parties that you can easily do at home as well. 


  1. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is | Grape Intentions curated our wine pairings, we opted to use only female wine makers, growers or purveyors. Choose how you support and where you spend your money.

  2. Sound-off | Romin from Zandi Entertainment created a custom playlist for each dinner incorporating a few of our favorites. You don’t have to have a live DJ for a personalized experience. Spend a little time on your favorite music app to build one. We sent our list out via Spotify to all of our guests so they could relieve or reuse the list at one of their own celebrations.

  3. Scent Branding. | Yes, it is a thing and smell is one of the most under utilized yet highly recognized recall senses. We worked with ScentEx to design a custom scent for our studio which we gifted to our guests. Every time I catch the scent I’m immediately transported back to our studio. Tuck a diffuser or your favorite candle in the powder room or entryway (be mindful not to put it on your buffet or dining table so that the scent doesn’t fight your food).

  4. Find Your Mantra | I’ve spent a fair amount of time recently really reconnecting with my purpose. This quote by Ghandi seemed to beautifully sum it all up. “To find oneself you must lose yourself in the service of others.” We worked with Le’Trice of LePenn Designs on a double-sided leather menu card designed to be a piece of art guests could take home. The other side featured a hand written, letter pressed menu for each dinner. The ink was color matched to the new studio walls. (you know we love a detail). Be intentional with your menu card, create something your guests may want to keep or display to create longevity.

  5. Don’t Forget to Sign In | No, there was no roll call but we did display a guest book. Who says weddings get to have all of the fun? It has been a joy to revisit the comments from each dinner and now we have a beautiful record of our guests that come visit.

  6. Bonus Tip! Give Thanks | in lieu of placecards, I opted for personalized handwritten thank you notes.  It is a generous way to authentically thank and recognize your guests for sharing and making time to be with you. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the incredible partners that helped make this dream a reality. The list is below, follow them all! Also, big love to Vicky for holding it all down, making it all happen and being such a great conversationalist. 


(please let me know if I can connect you directly with anyone) 

Photos | Eli Turner Studios

Roses at Home (stay tuned for their fab new re-brand!) 

Grape Intentions (wine pairings) 

LePenn Designs (leather menu presentation) 

Helen Olivia Flowers (centerpiece) 

Zandi Entertainment (curated playlist) 

Something Vintage Rentals (napkins + flatware) 

Table Manners (linens + bar) 

Perfect Settings (show plates) 

BBJ LaTavola (runner) 

Stradley Davidson (cocktail linens) 

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