Modern Luxury Most Dynamic Women Luncheon

December 12, 2023

The recently held DC Modern Luxury 2023 Dynamic Women’s Luncheon at The Conrad Hotel, Washington, DC, was a celebration of over 75 of the city’s most dynamic women. Captured through the lens of La Vie En Rose Photography, this event not only embraced the essence of empowerment but also exemplified a commitment to social responsibility and innovative activations.

Embracing Social Responsibility:

Setting a powerful precedent, the event organizers made a conscious effort to support women-led and women-owned businesses. The vendor partner team, comprising 90% women, demonstrated the commitment to fostering diversity and empowering women in the community. Even The Conrad Washington, DC, the host property, featured five exceptional women in the issue, including their General Manager and Executive Chef.

Innovative Activations:

To capture the essence of DC’s most fabulous, Illuminate and Sophie Felts collaborated to create a branded and inspired ‘Vanity Fair-esque’ style photo experience. Attendees reveled in the glamour, creating lasting memories against a backdrop that mirrored the sophistication of Vanity Fair.

A highlight of the event was the collaboration with The Conrad Washington, DC, to craft a special cocktail in celebration of Bloomingdale’s 75th anniversary. Meticulously designed to match Bloomingdale’s brand color story, this signature cocktail added a touch of glamour to the luncheon, toasting to a legacy of style and elegance.

Elevating the sensory experience, B.Parfume contributed to the luncheon with three specialty scents designed exclusively for the guests. With custom event-specific packaging, attendees had the opportunity to choose a fragrance that resonated with them, creating a personal connection to the event.

The DC Modern Luxury 2023 Dynamic Women’s Luncheon not only celebrated the achievements of dynamic women but also served as a platform for social responsibility and innovation. From supporting women-led businesses to creating unforgettable experiences, this event truly exemplified the spirit of empowerment and elegance. As attendees departed, they carried with them the essence of a day that honored not only their achievements but also the collective power of dynamic women in Washington, DC.

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