We start by listening. We want to hear about you and your fiancé, your story, your dreams, your ideas, and your priorities. From there, we guide you through our custom, step-by-step planning and design process in a comfortable, manageable way that makes sense for you and with you. We utilize our 20+ years of experience, knowledge and relationships to craft the very best team for your wedding day. The results are collaborative, authentic, thoughtfully designed, graciously detailed and well executed all with you, your guests and your goals in mind.

Stone Tower Winery

WW1 Memorial


InterContinential TheWharf

Cosmos Club

The St.Regis

InterContinental The Wharf

The Meridian House

Well Dunn

Eaton Hotel

The Four Seasons

Stone Tower Winery

The Goodstone Inn

Stone Tower Winery

Dock 5

American Visionary Arts Museum

The Showroom

The Anderson House

Thoughtful Design


Weddings are about engaging the senses and sharing emotion as much as they are about introducing two individuals as a unified couple for the first time. It is with that discovered and connected sense of style and blending of personal traditions punctuated with individual details unique to only the two of you that we create intentional and realistic big picture vision with unexpected, quality details and surprises for one-of-a-kind results.

Gracious Hospitality


We aim to ensure our clients, their guests, vendor partners and everyone our weddings touch, receives a positive, supportive and meaningful experience. We consider every element and how it may impact that experience. From the welcome amenities and the thoughtfully worded invitation to the load in schedule to location of the restroom trailer and the placement of each fork and flower. Each element is crafted with meaningful intention.

Extraordinary Events


In addition to serving as creative director for your wedding, we also serve as your leader and logistics manager. We believe seamless execution is as equally important as your visual story. Leaving nothing to chance, we commit as much time to drafting timelines and renderings, managing the flow, calculating to-scale floorplans, engaging in conversations with your vendor team and managing your details as we do design mood boards, creating color palettes and scheduling linen showings and wine tastings.